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  1. Hi All, Hoping you can help, had the mojority of this working before trying to fix something small and now its all broken :( in short I use a windows PC to run kodi and have a logitech Harmony ultimate to do this, My activity is to start TV > Start sound bar > start Kodi Media Centre (used for Kodi when all booted), I have then mapped my guide button on the remote to open Kodi (windows + 1) once its all booted However, when shutting down I would just like the PC to go into sleep this works fine, but when starting again the PC does not wake, I've enabled USB wake in BIOS but not sure what to do on the harmony? any help appreciated Thanks
  2. ok, so i found under media centre gui to sleep / wake button, i have mapped this to the power button on the logitech, however, it does not wake the pc? any ideas? Thanks, Regards
  3. thanks, i found another post which helped, so ive not just added a samsung tv remote to the devices in harmony and assigned all the phyical buttons i need to the Flirc keyboard, is there any guide on setting up wake / sleep the PC? Thanks for your help, Regards
  4. Hello All, I have just purchased a USB Flirc device after building a gaming / HTPC. I also have a logitech harmony remote. I've read the numerous guides online but falling short on a complete setup, (I used a Intel NUC with Kodi previously and all worked flawsly) In short i have added a "Flirc MCE Keyboard" into the logitech devices, this is becuase i want to be able to start kodi from windows, not just control Kodi. I have then configured the flirc GUI but some hard buttons do not work for example i want to map the back button on the remote to backspace on the keyboard, however, the gui never registers the keystroke? To start kodi for example, i would like to start a sequence of "start > K > O > D > I > Enter" for example, any known issues with hard buttons not working? Thanks, Regards Kieran
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