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  1. Hi Kevin, unfortunately, I've got the same thing happening. It works once or twice, but then gets disconnected again :(
  2. I can confirm that it works for me as well. Thanks Jason!
  3. Hi Jason - it's been a month since this issue was identified. Can you give us an update? Are you still working on a fix? Is this a software issue or perhaps a hardware issue? I'd really like to get this to work. TY
  4. Hi, I just received a new FLIRC (the new model). I'm running FW 4.05 and GUI 2.0.1 on a Asrock Z77 Pro4 (Windows 7) I'm having two problems: firstly, I can't get the FLIRC to wake the computer. I've tried enabling and disabling "Wake from USB mouse/kb" in the MB BIOS. I've also tried selecting (and deselecting) all of the "Allow device to wake from sleep" check boxes in device manager to no effect. What is weird is that my computer wakes up from sleep fine using a logitech diNovo edge bluetooth keyboard, but nothing happens through FLIRC. Additionally, and this is probably related, whene
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