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  1. Yes, it's infrared remote included with an older version of Mi Box (newer versions have BT ones)
  2. I think I've solved the problem. As soon as I map at least 1-2 buttons on the Xiaomi remote, Flirc gets unusable with it and with any other remote (Onkyo, Samsung, Apple, Logitech) until reinstalling the firmware!
  3. OK, thank you and sorry for my assumption. Anyway, sometimes I'm getting my unit to work correctly for a couple of minutes, but then it falls back to behave the same faulty way. Not only "button already exists"; for example, sometimes even a correctly mapped button triggers a completely different function. I will contact you, thanks for your help.
  4. Hello, today I got my "New Flirc", I bought it directly from Flirc. OK, my device was pretty dirty and seems to be a used one, but it's not the problem. If I try to set up the buttons on my remotes, it does only work for 2-4 buttons, and then I get the message "Button already exists". What I've tried: Erased all buttons;Cleared the configuration;Forced firmware update.Remotes I've tried: Samsung TVOnkyo AV-ReceiverLogitechSqueezeboxXiaomi TV-BoxApple Remote (white)Computers I use: Mac MiniiMacMacBook Air.Thank you in advance.
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