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  1. I have had this problem since yesterday, for a flirc that has been working for over a year. I recently got a 2016 Fire TV Stick and wanted to map the home button correctly for my Harmony remote. I installed the new flirc software, plugged in the flirc and it immediately crashed with "flirc exe has stopped working". I then tried to install the software on 3 different Windows 10 Pc's. The same crash, but my flirc still worked on the HTPC with the previous button settings - so I disagreed that it could be defective as with the above comments. I then dug an ancient Viliv S5 slate out of my drawer, charged it up - and since it was running Windows 7 - it worked fine. I was able to set up the flirc to work perfectly with my Fire TV Stick. In the short term, a fix is to use a non Windows 10 pc. Long term, the software should be fixed for Windows 10.
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