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  1. Mint deb faulty?

    No problem with me, I downloaded and installed it by hand. Just wanted to give you heads up.
  2. Mint deb faulty?

    What is the latest location? Anyhow, if I'm using old repo I shouldn't get any updates, correct? But I do, and install fails with download error.
  3. Mint deb faulty?

    I'm using Mint to run Flirc software, latest upgrades seem to have wrong path for deb download.
  4. Philips DVD player remote

    OK, I found there is a command line utility in your software package, I thought maybe I can run it in my Kodi box to debug the issue. No go. My Kodi box has no 32-bit support and the executable is 32-bit. Amen. The only OS I can run it on is my VBox Linux Mint. Every freakin' flash utility I've used in my life offers old firmware backup in case the new one has a problem. This is the first case I experience downgrading the firmware is literally denied. Your software, your policies. For me it is time to look for a different solution, methinks. Getting frustrated, yes, sorry.
  5. Philips DVD player remote

    Can I have older working firmware back, please? Do you have #flirc IRC channel?
  6. Philips DVD player remote

    No telling. I have just one Kodi box currently. My home was flooded last year, I lost all my frontends. My desktop has no Kodi installed. I have Linux Mint in VirtualBox to support my friends who use it, I have your software installed in Mint. Desktop itself is Gentoo. All I can tell it worked alright until I upgraded the firmware. :( Of course, there is a possibility it is just a coincidence and something happened to my remote same time. But the odds are very low. Please let me know if there is a way to debug it using my existing equipment and I'll do it. I have to admit the problem is quite irritating right now.
  7. Philips DVD player remote

    Alright, you lost me. Do you want me to use your software to log in my Kodi box? It cannot be done, I do not have any Window Managers installed, just Kodi running on Xorg. Additionally, my Kodi box is running on Gentoo, installing your software on Gentoo is not easy. I think I tried once but gave up.
  8. Philips DVD player remote

    My remote is described earlier in this thread. Not sure how you exactly want me to get the log. I plugged it into my desktop and pressed a few keys on remote, mostly the keys that give me trouble. Some I need to press twice sometimes (not always) and some - like arrow down seem to send two commands in one keypress, but again, not always. It was working much better with previous firmware. Normally I'm using it with an Intel NUC, Kodi. The debug log is attached. my_flirc_config
  9. Philips DVD player remote

    Thanks, here it is. my_flirc_config
  10. Philips DVD player remote

    I have been using this remote ever since. Yesterday I plugged the Flirc into my PC first time to reprogram a button and it offered a firmware upgrade. After upgrade my remote is behaving erratically. How can I downgrade the firmware?
  11. Philips DVD player remote

    I see. Interesting stuff. Thanks!
  12. Philips DVD player remote

    Curious. Why have they chosen to send out two different signals?
  13. Philips DVD player remote

    Thank you! What a great piece of hardware. :) But. The damned Philips remote is still acting up. Now all the buttons record fine and there is no messed up keycodes. However, when using it I need to press every key twice. The first keypress does not generate any output in xev at all.
  14. Harmony voes

    I'm unable to follow this guide: https://support.flirc.tv/hc/en-us/articles/200712568-Logitech-Harmony-Remotes It seems Logitech site has been changed, can't figure out where from to download the configuration file. :( Anybody has this file? Can you attach it for me? Or have a direct download link?
  15. Philips DVD player remote

    It is not clear for me. Is it flirc hardware issue or firmware issue? In other words, is my flirc device too old for new firmware?