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  1. I can confirm also that with an older harmony (non-hub style) Harmony One, I can get VERY BASIC control using the ps4 settings with Flirc (specifically, I am on a PS4 Pro.) I can navigate main PS4 menus, but forget playing bluray, netflix, youtube or anything else because there just doesnt seem to be a way to get play/pause working (even with all the command line stuff). Someone else mentioned very limited control in the bluray player, for instance. This is the case here as well. It's pretty much worthless to me if I cant even do a basic thing like pause a bluray or youtube vid from the remote. I guess if you just want to nav the ps4 menu and launch a game or app it will be fine - but thats much too basic for most of us probably. I am keeping my eye on this as a potential solution, coming soon. It seems to have the added benefit of also being able to power on the ps4 and is l licensed by sony so I'm guessing good compatibility. Maybe save that 20$ for this (which looks to be closely priced to the Flirc)? It looks to be specifically designed for I'm trying to do. PDP PlayStation 4 IR Receiver For Logitech Harmony Remote Control Devices by PDP Amazon Link: http://a.co/0Bss1OV I used something similar on my ps3 - essentially a IR to BT box that was made by Logitech and then discontinued with the release of the PS4. Worked good across the entire ps4 ui and video apps. I'm hoping for a similar experience with this when it releases in about a month. Of course, I haven't used this product and have no idea of the quality - just happened to find it on amazon (and the company, pdp, is also advertising it on their site).
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