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  1. With the old Firmware only the "double press Button" Problem is gone! Buttons record works fine with all firmwares (one click), but in Mediaportal with Firmware 3.8 i have the double press Button Problem! With Firmware 3.1 one klick works fine in Mediaportal! I record all Buttons under Windows Media, one try with the RC6 Remote, the other try with a universal Remote (cleared Settings in GUI before)!
  2. Hi! ok, i´ll try it whats wrong! My old Setup, RC6 Remote (CIR Header) with Mediaportal! New Setup, RC6 Remote (and other "One for All" Remotes to try) and Flirc SE! You see, i dont have Kodi and a Logitech Harmony Setup! And i don´t plan this Setup! Ok, installed Flirc Receiver, Firmware updated to Version 3.8 and... nothing works! Ok, up,down, left, right, enter works, nothing else! And i must press each button two times to take Effekt! Try´d Firmware 3.1, one Klick is fine! That happens with the RC6 Remote also the other Remotes! Other Keys, programmed with "Windows Media", dont work! So the Flirc SE is not usable in my System, now i´m searching the older IRRC Model! Maybe a try with an older GUI and Firmware is a option! But i also need a download link for the older GUI! Regards from Austria
  3. Flirc 1.2.8 GUI with firmware 3.1 ! Regards
  4. Hi! http://downloads.flirc.tv/ Link is broken and not reachable! Any solutions? Regards
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