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  1. First, thanks for picking this up Jason! Just to add on to interr0bangr's post, the minimum would be the A, B, Y buttons on the controller. The A button works just like the center button on the slim remote and is, obviously, the most important button that needs to be supported. The B button does back in a couple games and apps where the arrow key from the slim remote just exits the app. The Y button is a menu key that is unique to the controller, an example wold be the NBC News and streaming app.The X button doesn't seem to have an important function non-game function but I am still pretty new to the Shield and AndroidTV. Then, for me, the right analog stick is important as it controls the mouse movement in non-AndroidTV apps.I would add that the right center button on the controller, the one in the sliver area that looks like a right arrow with a line on the left, seems to work as a dedicated play/pause button which the platform really needs. An example would be the Youtube app where pressing the A button (or slim remote center button) brings up the OSD menu where you have to navigate to the button you want to press and then press it. That dedicated play/pause button is one touch play and pause.
  2. Just found this thread. So I got "back" to work via "ESC" keyboard emulation, thank you! However, "select/enter" is just broken outside of of Kodi. Tried: "flirc_util.exe record_api 0 88", and a couple other enter options I could find, but nothing works. I can select things in Android but I cannot use the button for play/pause in any of the streaming apps beside Netflix. Yet the slim remote button or game pad "A" button does work. Is there currently no work around to emulate the actual Shield game pad "A" button (or the button on the slim remote)? Is this just something that needs a firmware update as the only fix? I also have another Android issue, I would really like to have a "menu" button. I know this is not implemented on Android TV but I am currently running a bunch of sideloaded apps made for phones on my Shield. When I say "menu" button I mean a button that will bring up the 3 dot menu in apps that do not use the 3 dots (or the 3 line hamburger button). Thanks!
  3. Thank you! Changing the remote emulation from WMC fixed all but the Android specific problems. A quick follow up question, yesterday the FLIRC windows software highlighted keys on the virtual keyboard when I pressed the buttons on teh remote. This showed me the current mapping of a remote button. Today it does not do this anymore. I am about to restart my desktop to see if that fixes it, but, other than that, how do I bring this functionality back? Thanks again! Edit: Reboot worked but then it didn't. Rebooted again and it worked again. I guess rebooting is the answer here. Thanks!
  4. My setup: Flirc plugged into an Nvidia Shield TV (Android 6). Setup was done on a Windows 7 machine. Firmware on my Flirc was updated today (v3.8 I believe). Remote is a Harmony One with the WMC configuration (with some keys added in). Setting up a new Nvidia shield this weekend (running Kodi) and the remote is setup for a Core2Quad WMC HTPC in the same room. As I mentioned I have 1 problem and a couple setup questions. First the setup questions? How do I setup my Flirc so I can hold down a button (long press)?How do I setup my Flirc so I can hold down a button and it will repeat the keystroke over and over till I release the button?So "ESC" seems to be the Android back button, but what is the Android enter button? The enter on the "full keyboard" doesn't seem to work.How do I map a "menu" key? By menu I mean like the button to open the 3 dot menu for apps that do not have a 3 dot menu (apps that are made for a phone).Now to the problem? After mapping keys, doing anything requires double tapping the remote. So if I want to go up I have to press the "up" button twice. If I want to select anything i have to press the "OK" button twice, etc. Any idea what I did wrong and how to fix this? Thank you!
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