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  1. Interesting! For what it's worth, when I disable sleep detection, flirc still won't communicate any signals to my computer. Yet the GUI still works—I can use the Windows 10 machine to assign buttons that the receiver will recognize and pass on readily as long as it's plugged into my old Windows 7 laptop. I feel like there must be some permissions problem somewhere, since flirc is communicating nicely with its assignment GUI but not at all with the rest of the OS.
  2. Tried uninstalling the flirc driver and then reinstalling it manually, with no effect.
  3. Ok! I don't think this is a sleep issue after all: I tested on an old Windows 7 laptop by plugging in flirc, waiting for it to auto-install the appropriate drivers (it failed on the third one which was actually called "flirc"—I don't remember the other two, but they were along the lines of "usb controller"), and then putting it to sleep. I pressed a button (mapped to spacebar), and the laptop immediately woke up. I also tried opening notepad and pressing that button, and sure enough, it typed spaces. But when I plug it back into my new Windows 10 machine, it doesn't send keyboard signals at al
  4. I'll add that it could be possible that the flirc receiver isn't getting enough usb power to do its job, but I'm not sure how to test this. Other devices (e.g. harmony hub, charging phone) work just fine via usb power from the sleeping computer, so I guess I think it's unlikely that this is the problem. Does anybody know a way to know for sure?
  5. Just bought a usb flirc receiver, and here's my versions of stuff: Flirc GUI v1.4.4 Flirc driver v3.0.6.0 In the GUI, File > Advanced > [x] Sleep Detection is enabled. In Controllers > Full Keyboard, I mapped a signal to the Wake key. When the computer goes to sleep, pressing that button (or any other mapped flirc signal for that matter, e.g. arrow keys, enter, etc.) has no effect whatsoever. So I opened the device manager and looked at libusbK USB Devices > flirc and saw that there was no Power Management tab. Then I looked under Keyboards to see four entries labeled HID Keyboard
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