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  1. The odd thing is the directional buttons work in my PC in Steam. Maybe that isn't using Flirc and instead the computer device
  2. I'm trying to use flirt to control my android TV Nexus player. I'm able to program every key/button except for the directional pad and the enter button. This is kinda odd that the directional button should just work out of the box but doesn't. I don't know what else to do I can assign other keys to do the directional buttons and enter but I would like to use the buttons on the Harmony smart controller .
  3. as the title says I'm trying to use my vizio remote with a built in keyboard on the backside to serve as an air mouse in flirc. There are products in China that do this but I was curious if there is a profile that allows you to use the d pad as a mouse with left and right click functions as well as the ability to navigate. This will be used on a nexus player android tv.
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