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  1. Original mystery solved (as explained in "Update" in my previous post in this thread). But I have one lingering problem (also noted in the previous post): I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to get the "back" (as in go back to the previous level) button to function and I can tell from the various threads I've found, that I'm not alone in having this problem. I've tried all the settings mentioned in those threads for which people claim success, but none of them have worked for me. If anyone can give me some guidance or ideas, I'd appreciate it very much!
  2. Thanks for your help, yawor, and for confirming that I'm not a complete idiot in finding the current evidence confusing. If the plea below doesn't yield any replies, I'll start a new post that's more specific to where I now know the problem lies. If you come up with any other ideas of tests that may help pinpoint my problem, please let me know! HarmonyOne users out there: I'd appreciate it if you could help me figure out why the virtual Kodi device I've created in my HarmonyOne doesn't seem to produce IR output that the Flirc GUI (set to the Kodi controller profile) can see. Using other, n
  3. Sorry for the verbosity. I figure it's better to err on the side of providing a bit too much info rather than risking not providing quite enough... I'm 100% certain the IR emitters on the HarmonyOne work because all the other "Activity" profiles I have created (for activities that don't involve the Amazon FireTV) work fine. I describe my test, using my cellphone's camera, of whether the button presses on the HarmonyOne are transmitting any IR for the Flirc virtual device below, but I want to respond to your "BTW" first. When adding the Flirc device to my Harmony's programming, I'd been gett
  4. Thanks for the fast reply, yawor! The reason I have a HarmonyOne is that I have IR remotes nearly coming out of my ears. And your advice was good: when I tried the TV remote, the Flirc GUI immediately showed me the kind of feedback of successfully recognizing the button presses that I'd expected (and that you described). So, that's an indication that the Flirc-USB may well not be defective. It seems like a good next step would be to use the Flirc programming GUI to test whether the device I added to the HarmonyOne's programming is actually transmitting the IR codes that the Flirc expects fo
  5. I don't know if I'm doing something (or have done something) wrong or if my Flirc device is simply defective. I've looked at a bunch of the FAQs and various Forum posts and found lots of semi-relevant stuff, but no clear answers to my Flirc problem(s), so I decided it was best to start a new topic and explain things from the beginning... I just bought a Flirc-USB to use with a HarmonyOne remote and a FireTV box. As I understood (or misunderstood?) the Flirc website, the Flirc-USB should work straight out of package for my setup (w/no Flirc custom programming) by setting up Harmony Device usi
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