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  1. Solved! Turning off "usb debugging" was the key. Thanks for all your help.
  2. I've taken the Harmony 900 out of the equation and used a Western Digital Live remote. Using the Flirc software, I programmed the remote for the Fire Tv profile. All remote buttons were programmed successfully. However, the problem remains, the flirc doesn't control the Fire tv device at all. Is there any troubleshooting steps for the flirc device itself? Can I send back for a diagnostic test? Thanks, Tom
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I had the "built in profiles" enabled.
  4. Hi, My specs are: Harmony 900 SW 7.7.0 FW 7.5.0 Flirc - SW 1.4.4 FW 3.8 on Linux Mint Fire TV (original) 5.2 I'm trying to use my Harmony 900 to control my fire tv via the Flirc. I think I've tried everything but am unable to make a connection. I've NEVER been able to get the Harmony remote to ever interact with the Fire Tv. I've created a harmony activity with the following device: Flirc XBMC device (Computer>Media Center PC>Flirc>XBMC I've tried the minimalist and fire tv profile. I have "builtin profiles" selected in advanced settings. I've tried both programming the fire tv profile using the harmony remote and it appears to record the keys except for the FW and RW. I'm using a USB extender cable as to get the Flirc in line of sight of the Fire tv device . I've NEVER been able to get the Harmony remote to ever interact with the Fire Tv. I can however, change the volume on my TV so I have to assume that I'm sending IR signals and not RF Is my flicr bad or am I missing something obvious. Thanks, Tom
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