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  1. I have 1 PC that I have connected to 2 different TVs (upstairs & downstairs). I have connected 2 Flirc usb receivers. I have installed Flirc software. I use Flirc to operate Kodi via a Harmony 650. I have 2 Harmony 650's, 1 in each room. Everything has been working fine. Basic Kodi commands work on both remotes, on both USB receivers. I decided to add a command. The "Audio Delay" command did not work so I opened the Flirc software and used the onscreen keyboard to program a button on the Harmony for the upstairs TV. It works fine. I then added the command to the second remote via the My Harmony software. It works fine on the upstairs TV but not on the downstairs TV. I also noticed that the downstairs receiver does not seem to work with the Flirc software. If I try to map a command to the Harmony on the downstairs USB receiver it does not work. Any thoughts?
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