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  1. I've been able to get everything working with Harmony/FLIRC and Nvidia Sheild (same Harmony/FLIRC programming also works exactly the same way for my Nexus Player) I use both Harmony 650 and 880 models, and both work, including back (escape) and home buttons. Harmony Setup (From Harmony software) Tell the Harmony software that it's controlling a ViewTV AT-163 device. This will provide ample keys to map with Flirc.Optionally, map info to the Guide button, map exit to the previous channel button, direction up to up and direction down to down. These are redundant, you will not need to do this to have these functions mapped. Sync the remote. FLIRC Setup: Clear configurationSelect the Fire TV remote setup.select GoFollow prompts to map buttons, using Menu for Home and Info for Menu.OPTIONAL: Keeping FLIRC plugged in for additional programming, select the Kodi controller.Map all the number buttons (not necessary or particularly useful)Map stop, pause, skip ahead and skip back buttons like for like (not necessary but more useful)This works great on both my AndroidTV setups (Shield and Nexus Player), with the usual caveat being that the Home button works the same way it does with the stock controllers; Home from within Kodi goes directly to Home on AndroidTV. This is what I prefer anyway. I hope this is useful to someone. my_flirc_config.fcfg
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