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  1. It seems to be a FLIRC implementation issue. If i use my bluetooth keybord and / or a keyboard connected by USB, i can hold "left Win + enter" and the overlay menu pops up without a problem.
  2. Done already. I tried different interkey delays and / or harmony delays too. Interkey delay from 1 to 6 and / or harmony key delays from 0ms to 500ms. I tried to re-record the Home-Button, tried the built-in profile, tried to record "Left Win-Key + Enter" manually from full keyboard layout... All does not work.
  3. Same problem here. Holding the assigned "Home Button" of my Harmony does not work! I have found out, that pressing "Left Win-Key + Enter" on keyboard or via flirc is enough to be the "Home" button of the original FireTV remote. Left Alt in addition is not nessesary!
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