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  1. Just bought a FLIRC on Amazon, for the express purpose of using the great VLC multimedia program with my trusty old URC300 remote. The FLIRC arrived last night. I downloaded the FLIRC software, plugged in the dongle, and mapped the virtual keyboard to correspond with VLC's hotkeys. Within 20 minutes, I was using VLC seamlessly with my remote. What a great device. It really is amazing to me how simple it was to get VLC and FLIRC in sync with my 12-year-old remote. Prior to discovering FLIRC, I had snooped around the internet, looking for IR solutions for VLC. There is an excellent web interface for VLC, but infrared was a different story. All the solutions other than FLIRC were way too complicated and problematic, with no guarantee of usability or success. Thanks to FLIRC and its creator, Jason Kotzin, for making a great device that benefits people everywhere.
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