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  1. Yeah I'm going to try out to see if it will receive signals from the back of the HTPC (I'm pretty sure there is an 'always-on' USB port in the back like the one in the front is). If not, I might try running a USB extension from the back to the front of the HTPC, underneath it. The FLIRC is shorter than the rubber feet of the HTPC, and hopefully the FLIRC will be virtually unnoticeable from most viewing angles yet still receive a signal.
  2. I might try that first, but I thought I read on some fora that FLIRC really needs a direct line-of-sight (even if the line can have quite a long distance for IR). That sounds like a good testing method, thanks. My local hobby store hopefully can point me in the direction of some 'thin' paints that won't dissolve plastic. I didn't get a Streacom case (way too expensive and I believe I had bought my big GPU by then so they didn't have a good option anyways). I also thought about buying the FLIRC-SE and drilling small holes for the IR receiver to show, but I figured I'd rather deal with the slightly-unsightly clear FLIRC than start drilling into my case. I have the SilverStone ML07 (no IR window). Thanks for your response.
  3. I got my FLIRC last week, and it has tested flawlessly so far with my TV's remote and my old WDTV remote (my Rii i25 is on the way). My question is regarding whether I can use a sharpie, or possibly some thin paint, to make the FLIRC as black as possible so that it blends in more with my HTPC and doesn't stick out (aesthetically-speaking). I quickly-browsed the forum and saw someone saying that electrical tape would block the IR signals; that's not what I want (plus I'm not sure a taped-up FLIRC looks great). But would sharpie or some thin paint also block IR signals?* Has anyone tried to do something like this with/without success? My other option I guess would be to use a USB extension from one of the back ports and lay the FLIRC on the top of the HTPC as far back as possible while still functioning. On a side note, is there a reason, other than this being a small business, that a black FLIRC is not an option? *My undergrad degree is a B.A., not a B.S., so I'm sorry if this is a dumb question.
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