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  1. Hi, Flirc works fine with Kodi. I've also added the MCE keyboard in myharmony.com as a device. How do I get this working? I'm trying to use the alt-f4 command on the MCE soft keyboard to shutdown kodi when I exit the activity but getting zero response. Sorry I'm a bit of a newbie Thanks
  2. Got it working in the end :) Just deleted all hidden and active drivers and started again.
  3. Hi, I installed flirc on my windows 10 PC yesterday. I have 2 devices in device manager, flirc (interface 1) and flirc (interface 0) and the GUI is showing as connected. I can record buttons on my remote but then when I press the remote nothing happens. when I use my keyboard (Microsoft wireless) the buttons show as pressed in the GUI. I've disabled the ms keyboard and still when I use my harmony remote (companion+ hub) nothing is happening in the GUI or kodi. I've created the correct device and activity in the harmony software. when checking using my phone camera, the remote is sending an ir to both hub and blaster and placed the USB dongle in line of sight. I don't know what's wrong.
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