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  1. Nevermind - it was an issue with my usb port / serial port conversion. I will let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi, I have a Flirc & Harmony setup with my amazon fire & it works well. I also have a MX-850 universal remote. I would like to teach that remote the Harmony codes for the amazon fire. When I go into learn mode, it seems that the Harmony doesnt output IR. Is there a way to force the Harmony to output whatever settings it uses for the Amazon Fire TV? The reason is so I can have two remotes in the room & I already own the MX-850. Thanks, Rich
  3. Hi, I would like to use my Amazon Fire TV, Flirc & MX-850/MRF-350. Ideally I would like to have 3 TV's share the amazon box (same content in all rooms) but cant figure out how to manage three different TV's (Sony, Sharp, Samsung). I was thinking I can program the TV's using the MX-850 but am a little confused on Flirc/Amazon TV. I have my current MX-850's programmed for my cable tv boxes which I want to dump. Thanks, Rich
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