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  1. Hi, I currently have an older FLIRC device connected to my HTPC and see that you guys are making a universal remote. I have a Harmony 665, but since Logitech discontinued their entire line, I was looking into a new one. How does one switch profiles/devices on this remote? I have 2 different rooms with 3 different receiving devices.
  2. It seems the website is down and I'm unable to find a mirror for the W10 download exe. Is this available anywhere?
  3. My Kodi box launches PowerDVD when it recognizes a blu-ray in the drive. However, with the way FLIRC works, there's only one profile. I am trying to be able to use one profile when PowerDVD is launched and the another profile for the Kodi box when I close PDVD. Is this possible?
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