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  1. Hi, my problem is pretty much the same so I've thought for further reference I just use the same topic I have a Braswell mobo (Asrock N3700-ITX) built in a Hush ATX case I have recently rebuilt. I hacked in a flirc SE to the front and I will run Kodi 16.1 on Ubuntu Server although for programming my flirc SE I hooked it up to my old Windows HTPC. Installed latest 1.4.4 GUI connected the flirc SE and forced fw update (3.8) and cleared all settings. Picked Kodi from controllers and started to program my Panasonic TV remote. All good (at least in the flirc GUI) except TWO keys: Play & Pause When recording it records them but when I try it out it does not seem to register it no matter what (tried ceiling) Thanks for the help EDIT: Done some testing and the problem is definitely with the flirc SE not the remote. Cleared everything but this time when I pressed Play on flirc/kodi I pressed Stop on my remote (which was working fine as Stop previously). For Pause on flirc/kodi I used UP arrow on the remote (was again working fine as UP on the first instance) then for Nr 1 on flirc I used Play on remote and - to confuse everyone here - for Volume Up on flirc I used Pause on the remote and voila when I pressed: - PLAY it came up as Nr 1 on screen (OK) - PAUSE it came up as Volume UP (OK) - STOP it did not work so no Play on screen - UP it did not work so no Pause on screen That clearly shows that the Play and Pause button works on the remote but does not work on flirc SE Any thoughts please?
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