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  1. Clicking OK/select while playing will bring up player options I believe it also has codec info.
    For scrolling page at a time of listed library. Press right. Which move to the scroll bar. Then press down to go down a page.

    Then press left to move off the scroll bar and down to move down 1 item at a time.


  2. 1 hour ago, jason said:

    I've made like 30 releases this year, who said it wasn't coming? I'm one guy, it's coming.

    Im sure his frustrations stems from this issue being around for over a year and the last update on it from you was back on 02/26/2017 at 2:01 PM. Even though myself and others have asked multiple times for updates since then without response. You may be one guy but updates every once in awhile (more often than 1/2 a year).

  3. On 02/04/2017 at 7:33 PM, jason said:

    strange about the software consistencies.
    The long press for firetv will be addressed in about two weeks. This is a new feature they added and I just haven't had time to work on it yet.


    Hi Jason it's has been months now. Has the amazon FireTV home, long press menu issues been solved yet? Thank you

  4. 9 hours ago, Phokused said:

    I was having the same issue when Fire TV went to sleep with Harmony 650 and Flirc. After trying all suggestions I thought it might be my IR repeater, which it was not. I had an old USB hub and thought I'd used it as an USB extension so it a clear line of sight. It has worked flawlessly ever since!!! I'm not sure if the Fire TV keeps the hub awake all the time and makes the Flirc available when needed. All I know is it solved my problem and thought I would share so others could test it out. Let me know if this works for anyone else. 

    I also noticed this issue. I hold the D-pad direction (usually down as it's easiest) for 2-3 seconds and it wakes up. Now I didn't think of it but I also have a USB hub in place, was a purpose to connect a wireless mouse and testing a thumb drive. But I never removed it. It's still behind the box so didn't use it to extend sight. I'll have to try my down trick without the USB hub.

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  5. So has anyone found a way to use the home key? I'm on 3.8, and still when I press my mapped home key  get recent apps rather than going home. I have tried mapping using the keyboard combination too, same happens.

    Apologies if I've missed another topic resolving this...

    EDIT; Please ignore, double-tapping home button works!

    Can you link to the other article in your post please? I would still like to get this solved.

    thank you

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