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  1. ShoutingMan

    Show what a remote key is currently mapped to

    I had no idea! I've been using Flirc for about 18 months and I didn't know about that! Thanks. :)
  2. ShoutingMan

    Bugs in 3.1.0

    Yep, that's it. I run the Windows at 150% scaling for usability for "couch" viewing on a large screen HD display. I can flip back to 100% and run Flirc as needed.
  3. ShoutingMan

    Bugs in 3.1.0

    I'm excited about this new version of Flirc (3.1.0) -- I had version 1.x the past year and no idea there were any updates. :) But the new high-res window is too large and it can't be resized, making it harder to use. I'm running Flirc on my home-theater system, a standard HD 1920x1080 display. The bottom of the Flirc UI is cut off and I can't get it on the screen! I've attached a screenshot to illustrate.
  4. A feature request I've had since buying Flirc (a year ago) but never posting is a key UI tool: show what key(s) a remote button already mapped to. In some mode in the UI, after pressing a remote button, the UI should show or highlight what the mapped key(s) are. Thanks!
  5. I'm trying to submit a support request from the FLIRC support page. Every time I submit, it erases the info and gives the error, "It seems like you're not a human." Huh? How do I convince the support webpage that I am a human so it will submit my request?
  6. ShoutingMan

    Info for custom installer to program URC remote?

    Thanks for that info. To configure the remote, would the installer create a general setup, with direction arrows programmed to arbitrary values, and an Enter key and other miscellaneous buttons...and then would he give me the codes used for the buttons so I can program the FLIRC software accordingly? This is really easy with a Logitech Harmony. I'm lost at sea with the URC and working with an installer.
  7. I'm hiring an custom installer to program a URC remote control for my home theater electronics. I have an HTPC with a FLIRC I want included in the program setup. I need to give the installer info so he can incorporate the FLIRC / HTPC in the remote's programming (he's not familiar with FLIRC). Where can I find the info an installer needs to program a URC remote to control an HTPC via FLIRC? I'm at a loss on this. He's asking for device codes, and I can't find anything on the FLIRC website so far.
  8. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    And it's working in the Plex Home Theater app.
  9. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    Flirc is basically operational after updating on a Mac. After the Flirc app on my Mac updated the Firmware on the Flirc, I cleared the settings. I programmed my Logitech Harmony One to control the Flirc using Kodi settings (http://mymediaexperience.com/flirc-remote-control-companion/). On the Win10 PC I downloaded and reinstalled the Flirc app, launched it, and then plugged in the Flirc. That worked fine. I quit the app. I ran PowerDVD 16 and have basic control of it with my Harmony One and the Flirc.
  10. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    Downloaded the Flirc software to my Mac and connected the Flirc. It said it successfully upgraded the Firmware to v3.8. So are you telling me that I can program it on my Mac and then connect and operate the dongle on my Win10 HTPC?
  11. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    How about with a Mac?
  12. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    What are the steps to restore the Flirc's functionality in Win7 or Linux?
  13. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    Following up: any recommendations for getting Flirc to work in Windows 10?
  14. ShoutingMan

    Brand new Flirc & software crashes on launch

    Brand new PC, custom built this weekend. Fresh install of Windows 10 64-bit, upgraded from a clean install of Win7 64-bit Home User. Hardware is Intel Core i5 6500, ASRock H170 Pro4 motherboard with USB3, and a Samsung EVO 850 500GB SSD (and other various pieces). I initially connected the Flirc. Then I found the GUI app download page, installed it. It launched. Then I ran the Force FW Upgrade from the app. That seemed to run, and then the app crashed. Subsequently the app crashes on launch. I've tried: * Reinstalling the app * Uninstalling app and drivers, and then manually updating the drivers from the app's driver directory. * Running the Zadig approach described in the ZenDesk forum, but the process doesn't match what I see in Windows 10, so I didn't proceed. I haven't tried the installation process I just found, which is to install the GUI first and then plug in the USB dongle. Thanks for the help. Sorry I was "short" in my initial post. Two days of PC build, including 4-6 hours lost on Win7 updater failures...and then get past that to find the Flirc receiver died on installation. I was frustrated :)
  15. I've got a brand new flirc usb dongle (arrived yesterday). I connected it, downloaded the application, updated the firmware per Flirc's blog, and now the software crashes on launch. I tried manually updating the firmware as recommended in the sticky note of the firmware forum. That didn't fix it. http://blog.flirc.tv/library-version-history/ I uninstalled the driver and application completely, rebooted, and reinstalled. That didn't fix it. My brand new flirc is dead. Is there a fix, or do I just need to return it for a refund and find some other IR receiver?