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  1. I'll take a look tonight. But the problem is that this happens after programming. For instance if I program the page up and down buttons on the remote they'll both "record successfully". But if I test it by pressing the buttons they'll both send a pg down. So how would I capture a before and after config? Also worth mentioning I've tried this on another remote and it shows similar behavior in that keys that appear recorded successfully end up either not recorded at all or perform on another button. Happy to still help because I want this to work! But frustrated too.
  2. Thanks I've tried multiple profiles all from the Microsoft group. I guess it can't hurt to try a tv profile. My personal feeling is the flirc s/w is buggy. No offense to Flirc just saying.
  3. Hi all, having my share of problems getting this working. I think it's a problem with the Flirc sw to be honest. I have another thread where I sent cfg files into Jason to take a look at. Until resolved I'd like to know if it's possible to simply use Flirc as an IR receiver without the sw? I have a URC MX900 remote and can load a Microsoft media center profile to it. However sending those commands to Flirc don't do anything. Should it? Could it?? Appreciate the help folks.
  4. Hi Jason, thx for the quick reply. Here's what I just did... only tried to program 2 keys pgup and pgdn, using the chup and chdn keys on the remote. both keys said "recorded successfully" but both keys will only do a "page down". first file is before programming anything, second file is the bad one. my_flirc_config.fcfg my_flirc_config_bad.fcfg
  5. Hi all and thanks for looking. I'm not having much luck with flirc and my Mx900 URC remote. Any time I program one key another key gets recorded or wiped out. I'm about ready to return this unfortunately. I've been battling this for 2 days now. I updated to the latest firmware (3.8) and no change in behavior. My remote works perfectly with all my other components. Not sure what im doing wrong. If anyone has experience with keys remapping on their own or how best to get this going please let me know. Thanks!
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