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  1. Switching to Keyboard and then reprogramming the keys worked. In Kodi, pause is the spacebar. Just to confirm something. When I open the software and choose Controllers->keyboards or Controllers->Kodi, is that actually changing the configuration of the device?
  2. That is confusing. Okay, that being said the play and pause keys still dont work in kodi. I've also tried it in Plex Home Theater with the same behavior.
  3. Hi, Using Harmony One to control Kodi running on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. Almost everything works except the play and pause buttons. What I am doing: 1) Open the FLIRC software. 2) Choose Kodi 3) Test various keys on the remote control. When I press various keys like the "back" button, the corresponding key lights up green in the software (good). 4) When I press the pause or play keys on my remote, neither key lights up green in the tool. 5) Attempt to program both of the play and pause keys. The tool reports that both keys are programmed. However, I then immediately press one of the keys and the tool does not recognize it (light up green). Likewise, the play and pause still do not work in Kodi. Am I missing something? thanks
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