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  1. My problem turned out to be the power supply in the PC. I was having problems with the power supply shutting off the PC when I did something graphically intensive like playing a game, so I didn't replace it because of the flirc problem, but afterwards it seems to have been the issue because it hasn't happened since. I'm guessing a voltage issue with the PSU? Not too sure, but I hope it helps narrow down the solution. To test the PSU, I downloaded Furmark, which will stress test your system. My PC was shutting off IMMEDIATELY when I started the test, so online suggestions pointed to the power supply and since I had an extra it made sense to try it out. If you were to download Furmark and stress test your system, and it shuts itself off, then I would assume you have a very similar issue.
  2. When the PC is put to sleep, the flirc usb device is immediately waking back up my PC without anything being touched. I've tried turning sleep detection off, uninstalling the flirc software, reinstalling the driver, different usb slots...nothing. The only way it stops is if I unplug the usb device. I even tried disabling it in device manager, and even though it's disabled it's still waking the PC. I am at a loss as to what is causing this. I had a different flirc usb that I used months ago just fine but I gave it away and bought this one, and took a few months to finally hook it up. I hooked it up last night, and button presses were working fine but then I woke up this morning to see my PC never went to sleep and discovered the issue. This is the first time it's being used.
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