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  1. disable USB-debugging, at least that was the culprit for me ;)
  2. here's how i did (today, as it were): 1) created a device "flirc fireTV" in harmony-software, mapped the keys accordingly. 2) fired up the flirc-software, chose the fireTV template, programmed the buttons. 3) turned off USB-debugging on fireTV after a dozen trials and errors with no reaction from the fireTV to any kind of buttonpresses whatsoever. trust me, step 3 is absolutely necessary. you want to disable USB-debugging, or this thing is not going to work... like, at all :D don't worry though, once you disable it, you're good to go, and everything should work perfectly. wish you the best of luck, i'm enjoying this immensely already, finally having my one-remote-to-rule-them-all-setup back up and running again :D
  3. this golden nugget of advice right there literally kept me from returning the flirc and giving up on the issue altogether. nothing i tried seemed to work, with no response whatsoever from the AFTV (2) until i happened to stumble upon this, so thank you very kindly for helping a desperate soul out ;) also, i think the flirc-team would be well-advised in adding this piece of vital information to their knowledge-base, lest they face themselves with crowds of customers returning their devices for non-functionality with the AFTV (2). that aside: if anybody could tell me wether it's possible to do long-press commands at all and if so, how to, i would be most grateful for that as well. cheers, bp
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