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  1. Use the full keyboard mate instead of using a Kodi profile. Full keyboard will give you the capability to properly map the Home and the back button. In Kodi however you will have to modify the back button from backspace to the escape key or it could be escape key to the backspace key, cannot remember exactly - if you dont want the movie to stop when you press the back button. You can do that by using keymap editor plugin in Kodi.
  2. Nevermind I figured it out. Works beautifully now. Flirc with Logitech 650 and nexus player - great combination. BTW anyone wants to map the home button, the combination is Win+Alt+Enter.
  3. Anyone? Any help on thus flirc utility command correct use would be appreciated.
  4. Can you please explain how to properly use this command? I run the command in cmd prompt? And do I have to press any remote buttons to record them?
  5. Hi everyone, I have setup the logitech harmony 650 with Flirc with nexus player. Everything works fine, including the back button and the home button. But I have a slight problem, its not a flirc issue but I was wondering if anyone here can help. When I search in any Google App, whether it be Google Play, Youtube, Games or whichever. When I press the okay/select button on the remote to choose any letter - the keyboard disappears. If i choose from the search history, the keyboard disappears again. I tested it by plugging my keyboard to the nexus player and I found that the Enter key on the keyboard which the remote is emulating is doing the same thing. However when I tried the numpad enter key and it did let me select the letters on the virtual keyboard in Google Apps and I could also select the search history without the keyboard disappearing. Please note it only happens in Google Apps, all other apps are fine So my question is, is there any way we can swap the Numpad enter key with the Main Enter key on the keyboard? as in Flirc software, it doesnt show the numpad enter key.
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