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  1. Hi Jason, Should I return this unit to Amazon for replacement or?
  2. Here is the log file after running that. I had to use the bootldr option as Flirc wasn't shown in my list (vm). flirc_log.txt
  3. Spelling of true helps! Sorry about that. flirc_log.txt
  4. Thanks for the quick reply Jason!
  5. Hello, I just purchased 2 dongles for my 2 AFTV's controlled by 2 Harmony 650's. I downloaded the Windows installer today (1.4.4) and installed it. I plugged the first dongle in, changed the remote to AFTV, started the programming, and pushed buttons on 650#1 to correspond with my choices. Made it thru just fine. Ejected the dongle, tested on AFTV#1 and it works beautifully. Grab dongle#2, plug it in, registers fine with connected and firmware 3.6. Grab 650#2, start the AFTV remote programming sequence and I get the button already programmed error. Not knowing what happened or searching here first, I clicked on the Advanced>Force Firmware Upgrade. I get the popup for using 3.8 and click okay. I hear the dongle get disconnected, then the "Flirc.exe has stopped working" program crash in Windows 8.1. Now whenever I'm running the app and insert this dongle#2, it crashes the app. I can successfully plug dongle#1 in and it is fine, so I think I may have killed my dongle#2 trying to do the firmware update. Please advise if I need to return this unit. Cheers, Ryan
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