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  1. Yeah yawor, I think I've just been trying to add commands to the remote incorrectly and it was causing problems. If anyone knows how I can teach my harmony remote new commands for flirc that would be great, but I don't think that's a flirc issue. Edit: I've found a work around by just assigning keys I never plan on using (like CodecInfo) and then remapping it. It works since I didn't have that many commands to add.
  2. Hey guys, loving flirc so far. I've been setting up my HTPC and I've got a Harmony Home Control remote that I've been using. One of the nice features with this remote is the long press option. I've tried mapping my 'Exit' button on the remote to do two different functions on short vs. long press but every time I try to map both I get an error that the button already exists. Does flirc support that at all, or am I stuck not being able to use a long press option? Thanks everyone. Edit: It looks like other buttons work with long press, but the exit one doesn't. I probably set up something incorrectly
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