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  1. I actually figure it out just before I saw this. So I gonna show you and we'll see if we end up with the same solution. It will also help others. BRB.

    Red is "-"  and Green is "+"

    Yeah, exactly the same solution right? thanks a lot for your time. Your really went the extra mile, but so does all Polish right? ;) To bad I wasn't a little bit faster. I could have saved you the trouble.

    BTW, as it turns out it was this easy. It would be just as easy creating a new layout. All that's needed is a new image, more or less :p



  2. Very well put. I would have to agree on all points.

    Except one...

    I still have no clue how to make use of that post. I cannot bind any keys using a normal keyboard to Flirc, so on Flirc "-" and "+" are useless for me. Like I said from the start this is what I've tried. I use Windows btw!

    Press "+" on Flirc to record / Press "Ch+" on my Remote to bind = nothing!

    Press "-" on Flirc to record / Press "Ch-" on my Remote to bind = binds too "+" ???

    "+" does not bind to any remove key and "-" binds to "+"


  3. I thought that was the case. But surly the devs must check the forum as well, otherwise whats the point? I bet you talk to them so forward this issue please. Having to go throught all this trouble to bind two keys its not gonna happen.

    I'm aware that Flirc has its firmware/software that handles keyboard layout etc. But one comes with the other. We all paid for the hardware so we want software that works with it. Not complicated workarounds to bind two keys. Not saying I don't appreciate your support. I'm saying that the devs have to fix this problem...

  4. Hi!

    It seems impossible to bind the "+" and "-" (plus and minus) keys. The easiest way to explain what happens, would be asking you, try it yourself. Don't think its remote related. But in any case, I have a Harmony 350 and these are the steps.

    Press "+" on Flirc / Press "Ch+" on Remote = nothing!

    Press "-" on Flirc / Press "Ch-" on Remote = binds too "+" ???

    Also, the Flirc/Kodi Harmony profile has incorrect binds for (Zoom-) and (Zoom+) Should be "-" (Zoom-) and "+" (Zoom+) So please have a look at this as well, thnx.


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