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  1. Have a look in the guides section of... http://www.aftvnews.com
  2. You can with a rooted device and USB OTG cable but that won't suite everyone!
  3. Uploaded for you to try. FLIRC USB Dongle (Amazon Fire TV 2).fcfg
  4. Sorry Jason, I think we are getting our wires crossed here. The post of mine you quoted was from February and I managed to work my way round that problem. I was replying to Herman to see if he wanted to try my backup file that after updating to the latest firmware appears to work fine (It also works within TWRP, my Fire TV 2 is rooted).
  5. I can attach my backed up config file that seems to work ok here if it helps (Will be later today)?
  6. Mine stopped working after I updated to but when I checked there was new firmware for the FLIRC, after updating that it worked ok again.
  7. Everything is working great so far, would it be possible however to add a standard keyboard "Enter" key (Or even Left mouse click?!?) to my current Fire TV config so I can also use the FLIRC in TWRP on the Fire TV (I can move the cursor up/down/left/right already just can't click to select)? EDIT: Didn't think it would be that easy! Followed the post by randyth earlier in this thread (Deleted the default Ok/Enter key and learned it as the full keyboard Enter key) and it now works in both TWRP recovery and the Fire TV GUI. Loving FLIRC!!!
  8. By default (Here anyway), Direction Down and Info are both mapped to DirectionDown (Long and Short Press) and there is no button labelled Info but from fiddling around I just discovered Menu actually send the Info command so will remap that to the Info button and start over to test. I assumed there was some kind of spreadsheet attachment in the first post but it says... No permissionSorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it. EDIT: I have attached my current .fcfg file which works correctly using the Harmony device profile FLIRC > Fire TV FLIRC USB Dongle (Amazon Fire TV).fcfg
  9. Evening Jason, sorry, I did mean to mention I had done that after reading your response to another question about Harmony remotes. It appears the Harmony device profile I am using (FLIRC > Fire TV) has duplicate keys for "Down" and "Info" (From viewing the profile in MyHarmony), there is another profile (FLIRC > XBMC) that has the correct "Info" key but that doesn't have the Home button in there for Fire TV. I could add both devices to my activity and choose the relevant buttons from both device profiles but that isn't ideal. Could I also please ask, how many post do I need to make before I am allowed to view the attachments in the first post of this thread?
  10. My FLIRC arrived today and I almost have it working fully. When learning the commands from my Harmony Touch to the Fire TV profile when I get to the "Info" button it says it is already exists and if I redo it and test it on the Fire TV it acts as the down button (Which is why I assume it says it already exists as I have already programmed that button)? Is this the Harmony profile I am using that has those two buttons duplicated or am I simply doing something wrong (Probably the latter!)? From reading while typing this I gather I don't have to actually learn FLIRC anything for it to work with Kodi but I was hoping to simply duplicate the key operation of the Fire TV remote not necessarily use it as a full Kodi remote.
  11. Thanks ImCoKeMaN, I did wonder if it might be sensitive enough without the IR Repeater. One of these might be enough I guess...
  12. Morning folks, just about to place an order for a FLIRC for use with my Harmony Touch / Fire TV 2 and wanted to confirm something first. As the USB socket on the Fire TV is on the back and mine is situated in a TV unit, I assume I will have to use my IR Repeater to reliably send signals to the FLIRC and wondered if anyone has successfully used the DBPOWER IR Repeater with the FLIRC?
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