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  1. I guess you are right. Philips and Sony remotes use BLE as far as i know, so I thought LG might too. LG doesnt even have bluetooth setting in the menu to turn it off. You think it is always on amd "searching" for remote? If the magic remote is not BT LE it is always on and consuming batteries and that sucks
  2. yawor you say the lg magic remote uses IR for turning on the TV, and bluetooth for other functions, do know if the an-mr600 uses bluetooth version 3.0 or 4.0? 4.0 is better as it has less radiation and it is in idle state often. My LG TV the LF652V specs say the TV has BT v4.0 built in (which is also weird as it has lgsbw41 built in just like the older models LB650V with v3.0) but an-mr600 also works with older version 3.0 cause amazon recommends LG Wi-Fi Dongle for TVs without builtin bluetooth and this dongle is only v3.0. Thanks
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