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  1. Hi, The firmware is 3.6 and Flirc gui 1.3.6
  2. I don't know if it is a problem that after I learn a button for the Wake function, when I press it again the 'Wake' symbol on the Full Keyboard doesn't flash. The same button was paired with a different symbol and I did saw the feedback on the Flirc GUI.
  3. So any idea of what can I try or do additionally?
  4. Hi, The other keyboard is called 'Microsoft... '
  5. Hi, Yes for the 'HID Keyboard Device' I do have the "Allow this device to wake the computer" checked. I have only one 'HID Keyboard Device'.
  6. Hi, Yes, I can do that; it's even a wireless one.
  7. I'm using Flirc on a Windows 10 together with a Harmony 650. I've made all the necessary settings, I have learned a key for 'Wake' and in the settings I've put Sleep Detection. But will all this, I can not wake up my PC at all. Can somebody help me.. :)
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