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  1. Change the device types on your universal to something else... I had the same issues, but it turned out to be due to the FLIRC not liking the "windows media center" device on my remote. A new device (i used directTV) fixed it.
  2. Hi All, TO save some trouble for the next person: I bought a Flirc to control my nVidia shield running Kodi. My remote is a URC MX-810 with an MRF-260 base station that outputs the IR. I was having an issue programming the flirc to my existing Kodi buttons from a previous setup - getting errors like "button already exists" on new buttons etc. Turns out, the Flirc cannot understand the "Windows Media Center" codeset from URC. If you are using one of this brand remotes, use a different codeset - the "Direct TV" receiver worked for me, then Flirc understood it all. Overall great product after getting over that issue!
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