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  1. I would like to add some more buttons to control Kodi (in addition to those provided by the built in profile for Harmony), so I was hoping to use my Microsoft RC6 IR keyboard to learn must standard keyboard command. However, the flirc does not seem to properly learn from this keyboard. For instance, when I learn the A key, the A key is indeed learned, but other keys and the keyboard will then also active A. You can not learn all the keys because as you start learning them you run into error saying the key is already learned. I read in the blog that support for RC6 was added, does this in fact work or are there limitations?
  2. I just purchased to Flircs and have the same issue, however, my experience is the page up and page down function perform the same action as cursor up and down. Changing the GUI to full keyboard and pressing page up shows the cursor up key flashing. Same with page down So it seems like the wrong keys are stored in the Harmony database.
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