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  1. That has nothing to do with Flirc, not sure why you thought it was appropriate to post here. Thats better for the actual Nvidia forums.
  2. Good point, sorry I forgot the 2017 16GB Shield has no IR port as well, and assumed you were using the Harmony on a Shield with IR receiver. You are just using he Flirc to receive commands. I would assume no, the Flirc will not be receiving/processing the Harmony IR commands, but I could be wrong.
  3. Technically nothing; as it's based on Shield remote, there is no sleep/power button on the remote. I should be clear, it's a Sleep toggle, not Power. It will put the Shield to Sleep. You can use the remote to invoke the power options menu, by holding the Back button, but that can only be done on the home menu/lean back screen. Toddel wants to be able to to what that offers from any app, rather than having to go back to the Lean Back screen first
  4. There is a power toggle option in the Harmony setting for the Shield, use that, it's what I use.
  5. Not sure if it helps, but here are the Pronto Hex IR codes for the Shield TV, bumpers included - http://pastebin.com/T1m8K61v
  6. We are on Android TV v7.0. Yes, you can sideload apks, if you allow it in the settings. There are existing Keymapper that can be installed and used. I used to use Multilanguage Keymap Redefiner to achieve extra controls before I had a Flirc.
  7. Are you still using the Fire TV profile as your quoted text suggests? If so, why when Jason has said the Shield profile is already available.
  8. Enter or Enter/Return? They are two different things with different results in some apps.
  9. My testing was on the Apple USB keyboard and that statement stands correct for that board in that it replicated all actions of the remote whereas Return didn't.
  10. For the above chart with a keyboard ENTER = OKAY on the remote. So that is ENTER, not Enter\Return. On an Apple keyboard they are marked as two separate things, and ENTER is the correct one.
  11. Mapping the Fire TV Home button didn't do anything. The Return key on the Remote is akin to Backspace on the Keyboard. I was using an Apple wired Keyboard for my tests. To mimic the Shield Remote to Keyboard Up, Down, Left & Right = directional keys. Okay/Enter = Enter (Not Enter/Return) Return = Backspace Home = Start + Enter together Speech = Start on nitewulf's Keyboard & Command on Apple Keyboard. Volume Slider = Volume Controls However, most don't want to mimic the Remote, they want the Controller as it has extra inputs. I will have to load a game to see what can be achieved.
  12. After spending hours on it yesterday, you seem to have done the same as me, simply added Flirc Kodi to your MyHarmony setup. You then need to use the Flirc program to make sure keys are mapped correctly. So download the Flirc program (site is giving an error at the moment), insert your Flirc to computer, Select Controllers - Full Keyboard and then program the Page Up, Page Down and Codec Info to the relevant keyboard commands. I have Up, Down, Left & Right using the Shield IR commands and Page Up & Down as the Flircs Kodi commands
  13. Hi, is there any update to this? I have just purchased two Flircs for my Shields, and have set one up so far with my Harmony 650 but I am getting less than positive results. I have added it as a device in MyHarmony as a Flirc Media Player (Flirc Kodi) and most of the Kodi specific commands do not respond. What device have people set this up as if not as a Flirc with the Kodi profile? One thing I noticed in this profile is that Kodi on the Shield will not distinguish between Up and Page Up, or Down and Page Down. There is no Page effect, it still only moves it one point at a time, and not over several items. EDIT: Sorry, realised I had misunderstood how the Flirc worked. I simply applied the Flirc Kodi profile to my Harmony and did nothing else. I didn't realise I then had to do the extra key mapping with the Flirc program, all sorted now. I now have all that I have selected working except for Full Screen command in Kodi. I have tried both Backslash "\" and Tab which are both related to Full Screen commands, and neither works. Not sure if it helps, but here is a link to the Pronto Hex Codes for the Shield - http://pastebin.com/T1m8K61v
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