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  1. So here's how to resolve the enter key issue: Using this as a reference: http://www.usb.org/developers/hidpage/Hut1_12v2.pdf The keypad 'Enter' is a different code than the regular 'Enter/Return'. It's Dec ID is 88. I used the flirc_util command line app to record that enter key as follows: flirc_util.exe record_api 0 88Then hit the button on my remote that I wanted mapped and voila. Now the remote works with the onscreen android keyboard as expected. It didn't seem to make a difference with the CBS app though. Not sure what that's all about!
  2. Regarding the Enter key: I noticed that while using the onscreen android keyboard, the enter/return key on my physical keyboard would not select a letter,etc but would instead move to the next field or submit the form. However, if I use the enter key by the number pad, it selects the letter as expected. Of course the flirc doesn't see the enter keys as different from each other. Apparently android does?
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