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  1. I have the Streacom edition, forgot to say that. I want to start it from a S5 state, that is to say a shut down. Do you mean in the bios settings or Windows power settings? The thing is, I'm not really sure what command it should give windows to shut down and start I can always turn of the system from Kodi through the menu, but the start up of the pc is what I'm looking for primarily.
  2. So I've tried to get my Harmnoy One to turn m htpc on/off, but to no avail. I've gone to the settings of Flirc and checked the "Sleep detection", and I programed a button for the "Wake", but nothing happens. What I would want is for it to start up when I choose my " Watch Movies" Profile that I have programed into the remote, and turn off when I press the power button at the top of the remote. This has works with all other devices. How can i get windows to turn off with a command, and make the pc start up from a turned off state?
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