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  1. I have firestarter doing the same thing as well, but when I am in Kodi, it doesn't go anywhere when pressing the HOME button once; unless I have the option to clear the cache on Home button press which then restarts the Kodi session.
  2. So I got everything working, but there is one thing I don't see how to get back to the main KODI page. For instance, if I am browsing my media and I am in Movies > Movie Title > Movie Info, how can I easily get back to KODI's home screen aside from hitting the back button 3 times? I have tried the ESC and BACKSPACE buttons, but they seem to do the same thing; one menu previous. I have also installed the Keymapping Add-On in KODI but not sure what area I should be looking at to remap a button to. Any ideas?
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