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  1. For anybody following along, I wanted to offer some closure. I returned my Flirc, and ordered a replacement. The replacement worked exactly as expected right out of the box, so the first unit must have been defective. I'm not sure if there is a way to mark a thread "Solved" but if any mods wish to, feel free.
  2. Hi Yawor, I went ahead and configured a Flirc/Kodi device on my Harmony 300. Furthermore I've tried two different TV remotes. None of these register any sort of key-press during the recording stage. I understand what your'e saying about using a built-in profile, but I don't think that matters, as it appears the Flirc itself is not registering any IR signals. With the Flirc plugged into my PC (it should behave as a keyboard as is my understanding) with a random text file open, I press arrow keys on any of the six or so remotes I've tried with, and I am getting no results. Unfortunately it seems like this particular Flirc unit is DOA. If you don't have any further ideas, I'll be sending it back.
  3. Hi Yawor, I have tried with two separate MCE remotes as well. One made by Rosewill, and the other an unidentified brand. Neither register anything with the Flirc. Surely this is hardware failure with the USB dongle itself? These remotes worked fine in the past with a different IR dongle and my Raspberry Pi. It can't be possible that four separate remotes happen to not work with the Flirc. Thanks for your help so far.
  4. Hi Yawor, Thanks for the reply. I tried a Harmony 300, as well as a Harmony 900. Both were configured as MCE Keyboards. Shouldn't the Flirc be detecting a button press of ANY remote in the vicinity, regardless of type? Even if the result would be wrong, I thought it would at least detect and record the button press. In my case, the Flirc UI says "press the button to be paired" endlessly.
  5. As the title states, I am unable to record any button presses via the GUI. I have tried multiple USB ports on two different computers (one PC, and one Mac), and more than one remote control. In all cases, the UI says to "press the button to be paired", and no matter what I press, nothing registers. I assume the Flirc itself is faulty, but I'm hoping there's something simple I'm missing. The device is recognized fine by both machines, and has the drivers installed and identifying the device properly. I also cleared the configuration and forced the installation of the latest firmware (which was already on the Flirc). Windows 10 Ent., and OS X El Capitan are the OSes I'm trying with. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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