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  1. first, forgive me, but my shift keys aren't working. i have been working on this for a few hours now and have learned a lot. here's what i have discovered and i know. - i bought a used xbox 360 universal remote control at the goodwill today. in good shape, seemingly working fine. able to control my tv power and volume - running kodi 15 on windows 8.1 pro with windows media center - i thought i was golden when i mapped all my xbox 360 media remote buttons to the kodi layout until i went into kodi and some things worked, while others were sporadic. - reading the forums i learned that this was an issue in 2011 presumably because msft was operating on a non-standard frequency. it was eluded to that it would be fixed in the newest fw. i am running 3.6. - i can now recreate it very simply. go to the minimalist mapping. hit the up button icon then the up key on remote, repeat, get error that says its programmed. hit the down key on the remote and flirc gui recognizes it as an up key press. - the suggestion in the bug read me was to change sensitivity to 0 from the command line. not sure if this is still supported, but i used flirc.exe sensitivity 0 pulled the usb out, put it back in and no dice. - changed inter-key delay to 0 and 6, still no dice - this is also an issue with the 4 and 6 keys the 2 and 3 keys and perhaps others. i figured if i could get up and down arrows to work the others would fall into place. - in 2011 someone in the forum mentioned that your website says any remote works but then it was suggested that microsoft remotes not be used. jason said that that should probably be changed so i am hoping that because it still says that on the front page that it has been resolved but my searching has just not yielded the right solution. i have searched this forum, the kodi forum and the remotecontrol forum to no avail. - i think i have three options, a. get this remote to work b. go get a different goodwill remote, c. get the msft receiver. - please help
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