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  1. I've got the Harmony 700, the older IR one. I was hoping I could use a Flirc for Blu-ray/Netflix playback instead of spending $100 on a new hub-based Harmony. So really I'm just checking to confirm that the Flirc still works for PS4 in both Blu-ray and Netflix, since my wired-keyboard didn't.
  2. I'm thinking of getting a Flirc to control my PS4 with my Harmony remote, so as a test I tried plugging in a USB keyboard to see how it worked. This is a simple, vanilla wired USB keyboard, nothing special about it, so I expected it would work with the same functionality that Flirc supposedly does. And for the most part, it does -- I can move around menus, and play and control Netflix and Amazon. What *isn't* working, however, is Blu-ray playback. I can navigate through the menus just fine, but during the actual movie playback none of the keys seem to work. It varies, too. For instance, in Avengers 2, Pause (for PS button) and F2 (for popup menu) work, but nothing else. In The Dark Knight, Pause and F2 work, as does the up and down arrows for showing/hiding the popup menu, but nothing besides those work. So my question is: does the Flirc itself still have all the proper functionality for Blu-ray playback? Is it possible the PS4 is somehow not accepting my specific keyboard during playback?
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