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  1. Yawor and others interested in this issue: My FLIRC SE is now working, powering on and off from my Harmony One.. The problem was an old version of firmware in the SE. I found another post from 2/14 describing the exact same problem. Updating the firmware solved his problem...and mine. Thanks.
  2. Yawor, I have replaced the FLIRC SE with a new one. No results. Any other suggestions or is there any way to get tech assistance from FLIRC on this issue?
  3. I tried tSW1 and SW2 also and still nothing. Also tried just the motherboard header to SW1 and then SW2 without the front panel switch connected (while the PC was running) - would not shut it down.. Really beginning to think the SE is defective. The rest of the SE works perfectly
  4. More info: I used cmd instead of run this time. The error message received was caused by the yellow button already being used. Used a different button and it was accepted but still nothing. I tried the power command while in Kodi and also while in Windows 7 home screen. The power switch on the front panel works fine with the SE in the loop. Is it possible the output from the SE (SW1, SW2) is defective?
  5. Thanks again Yawor for the quick response. Here's what I've done: I connected wiring as you stated - power connector from front panel switch to SW2 on SE, + to +. Connected supplied 2 pin cable from MB front panel power switch header to SW1 on SE. Ran C:\program files (x86)\Flirc\flirc_util.exe record power. Got the window stating to aim and press button on remote to record power which I have tried various ways. Get a VERY short error message, it looked like but so fast I could not read it. Also tried without the .exe. Used the Yellow button from my OPPO Blu Ray player for testing. The power command does not operate. Not an expert in windows - am I doing this correctly? Thank you very much for your willingness to help. Wayne
  6. I just got my FLIRC SE in the mail. I am going to wire this internally for a custom HTPC build. I want to use the SW1 and SW2 on the SE (like the Streacom case) to activate the sleep and wake function normally handled by the "power" switch on a PC. The question: the FLIRC UI does not show the Streacom remote buttons. Do any of the other keyboard buttons work the SW1 and/or SW2 power function on the FLIRC SE? I will map this to my Harmony One remote. Thanks for any help..
  7. Thanks, Wayneg. I have decided toi abandon my use of the FLIRC-USB and go with the SE version modified to use in my case per this thread: http://forum.flirc.tv/index.php?/topic/2008-modifying-flirc-se-for-other-case/
  8. Thanks, Yawor for the quick response. Yes I had thought of using a grounded line for the signal. In addition, where I plan on putting the PC board is not very far away but will err on the safe side. I will post results here in case anyone else wants to do something similar. Now if I can just find someone in the USA that has the SE I would be a happy camper. Amazon, where I bought the USB FLIRC, shows it out of stock.
  9. I have built a Kodi dedicated box for my family using an Oregin AE S10V case that includes a VF310 display behind a plex panel. . I have tested the USB FLIRC with Kodi/Windows 10 and other than the suspend/power off issue it works great with our Harmony One remote and the Harmony profile for Kodi. I just can't get the suspend to work given the fact that we use the Harmony One for other remote needs as well (suspend wakes up any time any other key is pressed on the remote). My idea is to buy a FLIRC SE version and unsolder the IR sensor, remount it behind the VF310 panel and run wires from it back to the PC board mounted elsewhere in the case. Anyone done this before and any unusual surprises (of course I know I will void any warranty). I have extensive experience with PC board repair and am NASA certified in soldering, that should not be a major issue. Any suggestions or ideas (other than I'm crazy which I already know) would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm running Kodi 15.1 with Windows 10. I have the "wake" function from suspend working with a Harmony One. I want to try your solution for a "suspend" function but I am a real beginner. What is "SSH" and where under Services do I find it; I looked for something like it but didn't recognize anything it might be. Sorry for what is probably a silly question..
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