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  1. Cheers for the replies. I think what confuses me about Flirc is the built-in controller presets. Obviously the XBMC/Kodi preset is programmed to the Harmony profile I'm using. Do each of the other presets need programming individually if they are to be used? For example, if I wanted to use Full Keyboard, do I need to program the IR code for each key using some remote or should an existing MCE IR remote work out of the box?
  2. Hi all, i've just put together a pi2 with openelec (Kodi) and i'm using a Flirc to control Kodi using my Harmony Remote Control. I've not setup the Flirc using the software, just plugged it straight in to the Pi and it works out of the box I setup the harmony using the Flirc/Kodi profile which seems to cover 80% of the keys needed. I read some documentation on Flirc and understand that Flirc has several 'controllers', I assume that the Kodi controller is enabled by default as it works! Is this correct? Are the other controllers enabled by default too? What I want to do is add the MCE Keyboard profile to my harmony activity so I can use it alongside the Harmony Kodi profile to get some extra keys.
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