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  1. Hi Jason, From a troubleshooting perspective, it would be awesome to have a page within the PC app that shows exactly what it is receiving from the remote and if its a recognized command. I went through each profile within the app trying to figure out if the Flirc was picking up the command from the remote or not. Just a suggestion, really happy with the whole set up now that I got through this.
  2. Disregard, this had nothing to do with Flirc. It ended up being HDMI CEC enabled within RasPlex and either my Panasonic TV or my Marantz AV receiver were sending the commands over HDMI. As soon as I disabled HDMI CEC within RasPlex, these symptoms stopped.
  3. I am using a Harmony 650 with a Flirc to control RasPlex. My TV is a Panasonic ST60 (TC-P60ST60) which has some Smart TV features. I typically leave my RasPlex sitting on the movies screen. When i do this, I noticed whenever i have the Harmony change activities that RasPlex is receiving a delete file command. When I switch activities to the RasPlex, if it was on the movie wall, I have a confirmation window sitting there asking if I want to delete these files. By running help on the remote, i was able to track down the offending command to "Panasonic TV Viera SmartMENU set to OFF". This command is not shown anywhere within the Harmony software. I put the Flirc into my PC and ran the GUI to see if it would pick up which key was being pressed but no matter which profile i picked in the GUI, it didn't show a keypress when I forced the SmartMENU set to OFF command. I clicked erase in the GUI and sent the SmartMENU set to OFF command but that didn't help. Additionally, after the SmartMENU set to OFF command is sent, a second command called "Panasonic TV HomeScreen set to OFF" is sent which appears to trigger the enter/OK key on RasPlex. Like the other command, the Flirc GUI doesn't register a keypress when i send the command with the Flirc plugged into the PC. I tried changing the Inter-Key Delay on both the Flirc and the Harmony as well as setting repeat command to 0 on the Harmony. None of these has helped. I'm not able to find either the SmartMENU or HomeScreen set to OFF commands anywhere within the Harmony software to remove it from being sent. The only place i am able to actually see these commands is while running through the help on the remote. What should I look at next?
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