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  1. Hello Jason & yawor, thank you very much for your help. It works now! The idea to look at the change of the keyboard layout I made, was the breakthrough. Yes I have german quertz istalled (was difficult enough for me as complete a linux beginner...). Now following yawors instructions helped me through. I am happy now with my Mediaplayer/Flirc/Harmony thing! For other users: you might also read this thread to be informed about how to control more than one device with the harmony at once. When I choose Kodi as device, I can now control volume in the RasPi. The same buttons control volume in the receiver, when I am in a certan so called "action". The other buttons remain to be assigned to Kodi though. Best regard, urmel
  2. Hi astranoc & others, I know the thread ist old, but for all people with the same problem: I also wanted to assign another device (not the tv, but my AVR) to the vol. up/down buttons. This is not possible in my Harmony 650 in the menü buttons, because it has an extra option for it, wich the 300 does not have: There are buttons on the top of my rc, called like "watch tv" and so on, which can be controlled by the menu "activities". astranoc´s Harmony ultimate has it, too. Chris´ 300 doesn´t. In this menu acitvities on different devices are mixed. So what I did: Add a new action "Kodi", added TV, the AVR, and the RasPi. Choosed the inputs. What happend (surprise!): I can not only switch on these three devices with the button "Kodi" (which I don´t need). But the effect is, that volume is controlled now in the AVR, all other buttons control OSMC/Kodi! You can also assign the actions manually to diffrent devices: Go to "Buttons", Buttons of the Remote Control: The pulldown-menu offers the possibility to change actions, too. best regards, urmel
  3. Hello jason, thanks a lot for your answer! Indeed, when I press + or - key on my USB-keyboard, the result is vol up/down. Same as with F9/F10 I think. So, I started sudo nano test.txt but presssing Buttons on my rc does not display any keys. The usb-keyboard does. I think the arrow keys for example can be used to navigate in the editor, but do not display their keys. Or did I understand something wrong? Greetings from urmel P.S.: OK I realized that you eventually meant the PC. So I repeated the experiment on the windows Computer and Wordpad. The results are: Vol. down leads to "ß", Info leds to "i", Volume up leads to "``". Don´t know if this helps / what this means. Play, Pause, FF/Fast Back don´t leave any traces, for example. The arrow key are used to navigate in the document as well.
  4. Hello everybody, I´m new to this forum and I hope this is the correct question in the correct forum/section. I need some help in detail. Generally, My Harmony 650 works fine with Kodi/OSMC. My Flirc Firmware ist up to date. As I had some not-so-good-experiences with programming another remote-Crontroll (Hauppauge), I cleared all programmings in the flirc-SW. In the harmony software I chose Flirc as manufacturer and XBMC as Device. In general, my harmony rc works fine with that, except of two buttons: "volume down" and "info" don´t do anything, volume up and mute work fine! So I went to the myharmony-software and wanted to reprogram this vol. down button under "buttons". As I saw, that vol. down was assigned correctly, I didn´t change anything. Then I went to the flirc - sw and programmed the vol. down button. But it did not help. Does anybody have an advice for me? Thanks in advance! urmel
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