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  1. I solved it. In step #3, the additional customized button on my Harmony remote that I called "Suspend/Wake" is now just set to "0" (not "PowerOff"). In the Flirc GUI, I then set this button to Ctrl + End. In my previous setup, I was sending the "PowerOff" command twice when switching between activities.
  2. Thanks for you reply! I'm at work so I can't do the tests at the moment. I was actually trying to set the "Wake" key from the Flirc GUI to my customized button but nothing happens. Come to think of it, I may have set the "Wake" key to the power button on the remote as well. What's the best way to clear all the configuration from the Flirc? I'm pretty sure I went to File>Clear Configuration before starting over again.
  3. Hello, I have searched for an answer to my problem but no luck finding a resolution. I setup my Flirc with my Asus Chromebox Openelec HTPC. I setup an Acitivity on my Harmony One to "Watch Videos" and it works perfectly to wake/suspend the HTPC. But when I switch to another activity (Watch TV or Play PS4), it will also wake up the HTPC. Here's what I did: In the Harmony software, I added a new device under Computer>Media Center PC>Flirc>KodiUnder "Advanced setup for this device", I set it to "turn this device off when not in use", selected "one button on remote to turning it both
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