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  1. Got my replacement Flirc and it works great! Thanks, Jason!
  2. Hey, yawor! Thanks for the reply. I've attempted to contact him using both of those methods, but haven't received a reply. I'll try again. Like I said, at this point I'm just trying to get some closure so I can move on with my project. I'd really like to make Flirc work if I can, but if I'm better off just tossing the Flirc and going another route I can do that too. Anyway, thanks for the reply!
  3. Hey there, I still haven't received a response to my query about my defective Flirc unit. Should I take that as a "get lost" and move on? At this point I'd just like some kind of resolution so I can move forward with my project. Thanks!
  4. Hey, Jason! Thank for the reply! I didn't get an e-mail from you. Should I have? Thanks again!
  5. Hey- I'd like to start here by saying that I really appreciate the Flirc project and it seems like really nice hardware. I've been an HTPC enthusiast for about 14 years, and it's great to see new products that cater to folks that are interested in DIY home theater gadgets. That said, I have a problem. My Flirc USB sat in the box (unopened) for a few weeks before I got time to set it up (I just moved into a new house and have been really busy). I finally got around to setting it up, and I can't get it to receive any IR signals. At first I thought I just misunderstood how to program it. I'm using a Harmony 700 remote using the Flirc Kodi profile, so I didn't program the Flirc at all at first. It wouldn't respond to the remote, so I decided I'd try to program it. The Flirc software recognizes the unit and shows a "connected" status. I was also able to force a firmware update (tried this thinking it might reset a possible bad flash from the factory). I can't, however, get the device to learn (or "pair") any remote commands. The software says, "please press the button..." and I point the remote at the device and press buttons, but the software doesn't acknowledge reception of any signals. I've tried this on 4 different PCs using 3 different remotes now (tried my TV remove and my cable box remote just to rule out a Harmony issue) and get the same results. At this point I'm thinking that my Flirc unit is defective. I contacted support via the support form on the Flirc web site about a week ago and haven't received a reply (aside from the automated "message received" e-mail I got immediately). I understand that there's just one guy responding to these, so I've been patient. I'm getting really antsy to get this resolved, though, as I really need an IR receiver at this point. I need IR receivers for 3 more devices, but I wanted to audition the Flirc before buying 4 of them. Now I'm thinking I should just go another route. Anyone have any suggestions for IR receivers that can wake up a machine from sleep? I could buy a cheesy IR keyboard, but I really only need the receiver. Thanks everyone!
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