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  1. Is there a list somewhere of all the available Flirc profiles for Harmony? Wouldn't it be nice if the Legacy Harmony app would list all available as a dropdown instead of having to guess.... I'm aware of the Plex and XBMC/Kodi profiles, are there any others available? Any chance of adding an MCE Keyboard profile?
  2. I've been using the flirc with an Intel NUC Windows 10 and a Harmony remote. I have the wake button from the keyboard profile paired, and the power button from the media keys profile paired. The power button will put the PC into sleep mode, and the wake button will wake it back up, but neither will do both. I've tried adjusting BIOS settings for USB waking the PC, and driver settings in Win10 for allowing devices to wake the PC from suspend. Since the wake button is working to bring the PC out of sleep, would it be possible to setup the wake button to send the sleep command when the PC is running? Thanks
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